Where Should Your Cruise Go? Islands for Beginners and Experts

cruise islands

It doesn’t matter where your cruise goes, you’ll love the trip along the way when you take Royal Seas Cruises. One of the most popular trips is to cruise through the islands in the Atlantic, off the coast of Florida. The Bahamas are a fantastic destination if you want the atmosphere and excitement of a […]

How to Convince Your Friends to Join a Cruise with You

Friends on Cruise

Sometimes you just have to do something special for yourself and if that something special is a fabulous vacation on Royal Seas Cruises, you’ll want to share it with friends. While it can be a blast no matter whether you’re alone or with others, having friends there to experience the special moments and enjoy the […]

Best Seasons to Plan Your Cruise to the Caribbean

Best Season to Cruise

Cruising in the Caribbean is an experience unlike any other. When you are on the crystal blue waters on one of the Royal Seas Cruises, you’ll have the fresh scent of the sea in the air, and warm sun on your skin. It’ll be a time when you’ll forget any worries in the world and […]

A Refresher on Cruise Lingo

Cruiseship Terms

When you go on a cruise, you’ll often encounter many words that aren’t normally part of everyday language or mean something quite different than you might expect. You don’t have to sound like a sailor, but understanding some of those terms can make cruising easier. Cruise ships are huge. They’re like little cities. Royal Seas […]

9 Products for Serious Cruisers

Senior Cruising

Cruising aficionados prepare for their eventual comfort with cruise products first time cruisers may not have anticipated. Whether you’re a newbie on the high seas or a serious cruiser, don’t leave home with your choice of these innovative cruise products. Kindle Just getting there – rushing to make your airplane, wrestling with luggage, long lines […]

Frequently Heard Myths About Cruising

Cruising Myths

You’re exhilarated to finally embark on the cruising vacation you’ve long dreamed about. Yet, nothing pops that pink bubble of happiness quicker than well-meaning people, who must alert you about popular cruise myths. Generally, cruise myths are just that – myths perpetuated by people who likely have never even experienced cruising. The Weight Gain Cruise […]

Have Fun When You’re Cruising Even When the Weather Isn’t Sunny

Rainy Day Vacation

You don’t have to sit in your cabin and sulk if the weather isn’t cooperating on your cruise. In fact, you may find that you’ll have even more fun exploring the ship and all the many amenities that you might not find if everything went your way. One thing is certain, there’s never a lack […]

7 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Cruising

Cruise Tips

Sometimes the smallest tidbits of information can be the most interesting. While you may be a veteran at cruising and know a lot about how to manage once aboard, you probably don’t know most of these cruising facts that may both surprise and amaze you. Everything about a cruise is bigger than life, from the […]

Cruising Etiquette 101

Cruising Etiquette

Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you leave your manners at home. You’ll have a better time on your cruise when you make the effort to be the most courteous as possible to other passengers. Your good manners often set the stage for the way others treat you. While others may not be […]

Great Apps for Cruise Travelers

Cruising Apps

Whether you’re going to the grocery, taking a long vacation or paying a bill, the iPhone and smartphone are now an intricate part of the trip. Tablets have also become one of the best travel buddies around. Cruising has become a lot easier with the new travel apps that seem to do everything for you […]