Why You Should Take Your Significant Other on a Valentine’s Day Cruise

Valentines Cruise

Experience gifts are the hottest thing going for Valentine’s Day since chocolate. And what is the most romantic experience ever, ever? You got it – a cruise – to be specific – a Valentine’s Day cruise with your significant other (S.O.). If you’re not familiar with experience gifts, consider them the once-upon-a-time of gifting. Example: Picture, you and S.O. […]

Tips for Cruising with a Baby

Cruising with a Baby

If you are in search of tips on cruising with a baby, then you are a new parent with a new addition to the family! Congratulations are in order! However, it is quite likely that after many sleepless nights and fun-filled days spent caring for your new child, you are ready for a vacation but are not quite […]

Things to Do in Palm Beach in 2018

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a town known for it’s affluence and pleasant weather. Historically, it was seen as a winter retreat for the North Eastern elite. Today, it’s a lovely place to visit year round. The tourist destination has an assortment of beautiful natural sites, high end restaurants and historic buildings to visit.   Learn about […]

Must-Do Activities When Visiting Fort Lauderdale Beach

Fort Lauderdale

Fort Lauderdale is one of the most exciting places to visit in Florida, with a beautiful golden sand beach that looks out across the vast Atlantic. With Royal Sea Cruises, you can enjoy a picture perfect cruise vacation to the popular tourist spot, and you’ll be able to choose from a number of activities that […]

Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise

Birthday Cruise

Your birthday cruise awaits. Have you long wished to take a cruise vacation? If not now, when? A cruise is an over-the-top way to celebrate your birthday. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your romantic companion, friends or family, a cruise can be one of the most gratifying and memorable birthdays ever. Enjoy Yourself Take advantage of the fun atmosphere onboard your ship to get into the cruise spirit. […]

Benefits of Winter Cruising

Winter cruise

As winter draws near, many are planning holiday festivities, family gatherings, and gift-giving extravaganzas; however, there are many that are seeking to escape the typical winter happenings. These are individuals that long for warmth and to enjoy the magnificent rays of the sun, while engaging in a multitude of activities that are commonly reserved for the summer months. For […]

Where Should Your Cruise Go? Islands for Beginners and Experts

cruise islands

It doesn’t matter where your cruise goes, you’ll love the trip along the way when you take Royal Seas Cruises. One of the most popular trips is to cruise through the islands in the Atlantic, off the coast of Florida. The Bahamas are a fantastic destination if you want the atmosphere and excitement of a […]

How to Convince Your Friends to Join a Cruise with You

Friends on Cruise

Sometimes you just have to do something special for yourself and if that something special is a fabulous vacation on Royal Seas Cruises, you’ll want to share it with friends. While it can be a blast no matter whether you’re alone or with others, having friends there to experience the special moments and enjoy the […]

Best Seasons to Plan Your Cruise to the Caribbean

Best Season to Cruise

Cruising in the Caribbean is an experience unlike any other. When you are on the crystal blue waters on one of the Royal Seas Cruises, you’ll have the fresh scent of the sea in the air, and warm sun on your skin. It’ll be a time when you’ll forget any worries in the world and […]

A Refresher on Cruise Lingo

Cruiseship Terms

When you go on a cruise, you’ll often encounter many words that aren’t normally part of everyday language or mean something quite different than you might expect. You don’t have to sound like a sailor, but understanding some of those terms can make cruising easier. Cruise ships are huge. They’re like little cities. Royal Seas […]