6 Ways To Improve Your Cruise

Improve Cruise

The best way to enjoy a cruise and all of the comfort and splendor that comes along with it is to make sure that you have a great plan in place. Whether this is your first cruise or your fifth, these cruise tips can help you get more out of your upcoming cruise vacation. 1. […]

Top 10 Reasons to Love Cruising

Love Cruising

The human captivation with the beauty and vastness of the ocean has existed since the origination of our species into the planet; however, this level of intrigue extends well past basic evolution. In recent years, the emergence of new technology has allowed us to delve deep into the immense depths of the sea, as well […]

Reasons Why You Should Book Your Cruise to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is so addicting, a taste is not enough. Their destination slogan – Puerto Vallarta, live it more than once – came about because travelers kept coming back. So, why not book your cruise to Puerto Vallarta now, rather than later? How about a double-dip of romance? By its nature, a cruise is the most romantic vacation. In addition, the aura […]

Essential Cruise-wear for the Carribbean


If you’ve given thought to living tiny, you can experience a trial run in small-sized cruise cabins. Like tiny houses, stateroom storage is limited. That’s why it’s important to pack essentials only for your Carribbean cruise. So that you won’t go ‘overboard’ when packing, consider how many days and nights you will be away and plan accordingly. […]

Making Friends On Your Next Cruise

Cruising with Friends

Going on a cruise can be a wonderful way to meet people from differing backgrounds and cultures. But to many, meeting new people can be a challenging prospect. Here are some tips for how to make the most out of your cruise and leave having met some new, interesting people. You may even find people […]

5 Reasons to Take an Anniversary Cruise

Anniversary Cruise

Cruise is just another way to spell romance. A romantic anniversary cruise is another way to cherish the love you have. The conventional anniversary celebration, with friends and family is sweet. Yet, doesn’t your “eureka!” experiences involve just the two of you? In the interest of precious memories, here are reasons for couples to take […]

8 Ways to Stay Active on your Next Cruise

Cruise Fitness

Cruise ships are commonly called ‘floating islands’. Your cruise vacation provides a perfect opportunity to unplug from the crazy-busy world, relax and enjoy yourself. But, it can be an easy, yet costly mistake to stay sedentary. With a little innovation, there are a gracious plenty of ways to keep active on your next cruise. 1. […]

9 Tips for Making Your Cruise More Romantic

1. Sundowners for Two Sundowners is an old African tradition, adopted from the British, where friends gather at day’s end, for cocktails and conversation. With a little upfront effort, you can make sundowners for two, one of your most beautiful cruise memories. Find out from your room steward where secluded spots are located on deck […]

Preparing for a Trip When You’re Cruising with Seniors

Seniors Cruising

For seniors, taking a vacation requires much more care and planning than what you might be used to. If you have an elderly parent, grandparent, or other relative or friend, then planning the best getaway means choosing something that is both enjoyable and accessible. Many of the activities enjoyed by more active people will be out […]

8 Reasons Why You Should Go to The Bahamas Now

Bahamas Cruise

The Food Bahamian cuisine is known for the freshest seafood, especially fresh conch. The conch is served deep fried, in stews, or raw!  You will also find traditional Caribbean accompaniments like rice and pigeon peas and johnny cakes. The Weather Sick of the cold? Get some relief in the sunny Bahamas.  The Bahamas boasts warm […]