7 Surprising Things You May Not Know About Cruising

Cruise Tips

Sometimes the smallest tidbits of information can be the most interesting. While you may be a veteran at cruising and know a lot about how to manage once aboard, you probably don’t know most of these cruising facts that may both surprise and amaze you. Everything about a cruise is bigger than life, from the […]

Cruising Etiquette 101

Cruising Etiquette

Just because you’re on vacation, it doesn’t mean you leave your manners at home. You’ll have a better time on your cruise when you make the effort to be the most courteous as possible to other passengers. Your good manners often set the stage for the way others treat you. While others may not be […]

Great Apps for Cruise Travelers

Cruising Apps

Whether you’re going to the grocery, taking a long vacation or paying a bill, the iPhone and smartphone are now an intricate part of the trip. Tablets have also become one of the best travel buddies around. Cruising has become a lot easier with the new travel apps that seem to do everything for you […]

Five Tips for Taking Great Pictures on a Cruise

take great pictures cruise

After the cruise is over, you’ll still have fantastic memories to keep you smiling for a long time, if you take plenty of pictures. Getting the best shots will not only freeze those fantastic moments in time, but provide enjoyment for others not lucky enough to take the trip. You’ll have one of the greatest […]

Luggage Tips for New Cruisers

luggage tips for cruising

The right type of luggage and what to pack for a cruise is almost as important as finding the best possible cruise. Packing is essential for example: if you’re cruising from a port in Florida in the summer, you certainly won’t need a winter coat, but you might experience days or evenings where the climate […]

How to Cruise 101: Cruising Advice to Make Your Trip More Enjoyable

cruising advice

If you’re about to embark on your first cruise, you may need a brief beginners course in how to cruise. Getting as much cruising advice as possible ahead of time can make your trip far more enjoyable and allow you to spend more time relaxing, enjoying the sights and having fun. Some of the most […]

What to Do When Planning a Group Cruise

group cruise

If your group of friends, club members or members of your family depend on you to find the best possible cruise for their shower, wedding vows or family reunion, there are so many things to remember when planning it. Sure, the cost of the cruise is important, but then so is the quality of the […]

Cruising Advice for Your First Cruise

first cruise advice

Taking your first cruise can be exciting, but it also can be intimidating at the same time. You’ve looked forward to taking this vacation for a long time, don’t let it be spoiled by lack of knowledge. Here’s some cruising advice that will get you prepared for you first day and every day to follow. […]

Benefits of Cruises Over Other Types of Vacations

benefits cruises

Taking a vacation, whether it’s a romantic getaway or one with the whole family, can include many different types of options. Road trips, all inclusive resorts, flying to a destination or taking a cruise are just some of them. Although, there are many different reasons that a cruise out of Florida or other port can […]

Top Reasons Why You Should Cruise During the Thanksgiving Holidays

thanksgiving cruise

Embarking on a cruise during the holidays is an experience like none other. While most of us anticipate the food, festivities, and fun that this holiday brings on land, we also typically dread the cleaning and cooking that comes with it. Why not step out of normal bounds and enjoy Thanksgiving in the tropics? Despite being a family-oriented occasion, […]