8 Ways to Stay Active on your Next Cruise

Cruise Fitness

Cruise ships are commonly called ‘floating islands’. Your cruise vacation provides a perfect opportunity to unplug from the crazy-busy world, relax and enjoy yourself. But, it can be an easy, yet costly mistake to stay sedentary. With a little innovation, there are a gracious plenty of ways to keep active on your next cruise. 1. […]

9 Tips for Making Your Cruise More Romantic

1. Sundowners for Two Sundowners is an old African tradition, adopted from the British, where friends gather at day’s end, for cocktails and conversation. With a little upfront effort, you can make sundowners for two, one of your most beautiful cruise memories. Find out from your room steward where secluded spots are located on deck […]

Preparing for a Trip When You’re Cruising with Seniors

Seniors Cruising

For seniors, taking a vacation requires much more care and planning than what you might be used to. If you have an elderly parent, grandparent, or other relative or friend, then planning the best getaway means choosing something that is both enjoyable and accessible. Many of the activities enjoyed by more active people will be out […]