Tips for Looking Great in a Cruise Photo

A cruise ship is rich in opportunities for photo-ops. Plus, happiness looks great in photos; so, you’re sure to look great in your cruise photos from Royal Seas. But, suppose you’re one of those people who hate getting their picture taken? Perhaps, your ‘smile’ comes across like you just slugged a bitter lemon Slurpee. Guess what…there are […]

Top Ten Things to do on Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island is more than a vacation hot-spot. More than eye-popping beauty. It is an experience, where adventures await in all four directions. #1. Garden of the Groves Garden of the Groves is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. With its meditation labyrinth, soothing waterfalls and charming chapel, you’ll experience a large dose of tranquility. Haven for horticulturalists and […]