5 Reasons to Take an Anniversary Cruise

AnniversaryCruise is just another way to spell romance. A romantic anniversary cruise is another way to cherish the love you have. The conventional anniversary celebration, with friends and family is sweet. Yet, doesn’t your “eureka!” experiences involve just the two of you?

In the interest of precious memories, here are reasons for couples to take an anniversary cruise:

#1. Major Marriage Milestones

Every year of marriage is a milestone. However, a major marriage milestone warrants an extra-special getaway for two, making an anniversary cruise ideal.

  • Paper anniversary – 1st year
  • Wood Anniversary – 5th year
  • Tin Anniversary – 10th
  • Crystal Anniversary – 15th
  • China Anniversary – 20th
  • Silver Anniversary – 25th
  • Gold Anniversary – 50th
  • Diamond Anniversary – 60th

#2. Honey-versary Cruise

Sometimes life gets in the way and newlyweds can’t get away for a honeymoon following the ceremony. Taking it later is always an option and what better time than your anniversary?

A honey-versary cruise is an ideal way to celebrate a post-wedding honeymoon.

After living together, the pre-wedding glow burns off. To get into a honeymoon mindset, leaf through the Wedding Day photo albums and play “Remember when?”, i.e. “Remember when you proposed and…?” or “Remember when we cut our wedding cake and…

Hold hands as you board the ship, steal a few kisses on the way to your stateroom. Get the picture?

#3. Now That’s (free) Entertainment

Get your dancing shoes on and get ready to party. Cruise ships offer entertainment ranging from phenomenal live music, after-dinner shows featuring dancers, comedians, acrobats or magicians to all-night dances. Enjoy your favorite cocktails, beer or wine, with no worries about getting home safely.

Free entertainment is merely one of many perks on your anniversary cruise that could cost big money on land.

#4. Silver Anniversary Cruise

If your silver anniversary is approaching – Felicitations – you’re a couple who knows how to “do” marriage. However, after 25-years with the same person, maybe you think there is nowhere left to go and nothing left to buy for your sweetheart.

Before you settle for the same ole, same ole, dinner and a show, let’s put a spin on that. Book a cruise to Puerto Vallarta and tour a silver factory! Did you know that Mexico’s claim to fame is some of the largest primary silver mines in the world?

Select your partner’s anniversary gift from the finest original hand-crafted pieces of silver jewelry available anywhere.

After a leisurely afternoon of browsing the markets, head back to your cruise ship for a gourmet dinner and a show.

Tip: auspicious opportunity to flaunt your silver anniversary jewelry.

#5 – Paper Anniversary Cruise

Any couple, who survives the first and most challenging year of marriage, understands their marriage is worth the paper it’s written on. Not only, your cruise ship is the perfect place to get the most precious of paper gifts – a professional portrait commemorating your first anniversary.

Sea and sky provide a backdrop of natural beauty for casual photos or put your Sunday best on and pose for a chic, studio portrait.

Final Word:

No reason required to take a cruise. Yet, you can’t take just one! Perhaps it’s a good thing your anniversary rolls around, same time, every year.

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