6 Ways To Improve Your Cruise

Improve CruiseThe best way to enjoy a cruise and all of the comfort and splendor that comes along with it is to make sure that you have a great plan in place. Whether this is your first cruise or your fifth, these cruise tips can help you get more out of your upcoming cruise vacation.

1. Arrive The Night Before

Not only can you extend your fun by arriving a day ahead of time, you also wash away the worry of missing your ship due to unexpected circumstances. There are many cruisers that miss the boat each year due to delayed or canceled flights, bad weather, traffic, and other troubles. By arriving at your destination ahead of time, you can relax and begin to enjoy your vacation before you even leave the harbor!

2. Wow Your Significant Other

Surprise your husband or wife with anything from champagne to a couple’s massage! The surprise element will make your cruise that more memorable.

3. Visit the Pool at Off Peak Hours

By avoiding the pool area at peak times, you can experience a more relaxing time. Find yourself an adult only area or even one of the lounges with bar service. There is still a lot of deck space to go around. Find one of the decks with a bar and lounge or even a few with a hot tub or two.

4. Balance Time with the Kids and Time Alone

Vacations are a both time to relax and a time to be together. It’s a great idea to take some time to yourself by taking advantage of the kids club, but still scheduling family activities to build memories together. You’ll leave feeling refreshed, and the kids will leave happy.

5. Research Port Activities in Advance

Be sure to look in to what activities are offered at the port in advance so you are ready to go.  You could go on a jeep adventure or even swim with the dolphins. It’s up to you! By being prepared you’ll have everything ready and be able to get going earlier.

6. Shake It Up

You may not think that dancing is your thing, but you’re on a cruise! Shake it up a bit and go out after most of the other cruisers tuck away for the night. Many of the clubs and disco’s sport some pretty awesome themes and you may just find yourself going back for seconds or even thirds! Don’t hold yourself to the same routine. Change it up and liven it up!

By following at least a few of these cruise tips, you can ensure that you will experience the best cruise ever and will be planning your next journey before the one that you’re already on is even over.

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