8 Ways to Stay Active on your Next Cruise

Cruise FitnessCruise ships are commonly called ‘floating islands’. Your cruise vacation provides a perfect opportunity to unplug from the crazy-busy world, relax and enjoy yourself. But, it can be an easy, yet costly mistake to stay sedentary. With a little innovation, there are a gracious plenty of ways to keep active on your next cruise.

1. Just Walk

Health professionals agree that walking is a beneficial exercise for people of any age. This low-impact exercise burns off calories and gets your blood flowing. Take advantage of sunny weather by walking on upper decks. When it’s raining, walk in air-conditioned hallways. Add that all-important resistance factor by taking the stairs up a flight or two. Keeping active by walking will help bust the myth that cruisers gain 2-3 pounds daily.

2. Take the Stairs

Walking up and down stairs is a given for anyone with an active lifestyle. Why not make yourself a promise to take the stairs during the entire cruise, rather than wasting time waiting for the elevator? Typically, you will burn-off 100 calories for every ten minutes of stair climbing.

3. Work It On Out

If you’re accustomed to a structured work out a fitness facility, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the cutting-edge equipment provided by modern cruise ships. Fitness centers are a complimentary part of your cruise. Awe-inspiring views of the ocean, ramps your customary workout up to something marvelous.

You may want to consider shorter sessions on in-port days, if you’ve planned active shore excursions.

4. Active Shore Excursions

Get your body movin’ on active shore excursions, which are oodles of fun and make you forget you’re exercising. Read the cruise ship’s itinerary of available activities, such as swimming with dolphins, snorkeling, paddle boarding, playing golf, horseback riding, bicycling and walking tours. Or, opt to poke around in open-air markets or jump the ocean waves.

5. Get your Mojo Working

When weather permits, cruise ship decks provide just-right spaces to practice Tai Chi or Yoga. Get up early and do your Yoga sun salutations. Make smooth Tai Chi moves like white crane flashing its wings or flamingo. Plus, you may attract other early birds who will join your exercise session.

6. Take the Plunge

Swimming is a gentle exercise that is kind to the body. Since there is no gravity in water, you won’t suffer sore muscles and pain from swimming. And have you ever really observed a swimmer’s body? Devoted swimmers are lean with a beautifully toned body.

The auspicious times to do your laps in the ship’s pool are early mornings and evenings while the early dinner is happening. The pool area is less crowded and the sun isn’t as sizzling.

7. Dancing

Dancing is that kind of active exercise, which is so much fun, it doesn’t feel like exercise at all. Get your dancing shoes on and follow the sound of music. Bust your best moves!

8. Push Away from the Table

Back in the day, country doctors advised their patients the best exercise is pushing away from the table. Nobody ever said this is easy to do on a cruise ship, because you can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it. Although, you will have choices of nutritious food, such as vegan, sugar free, gluten free and more.

Just don’t deprive yourself of foods you love, portion sizes are the key. If you’re a dessert lover, splurge on a great dessert with dinner. Take a few bites and – you’re right – push yourself away from the table.

Final Word

Keeping active on your cruise is a good thing, but embarking on a cruise is not the time to start a rigorous exercise regime. No need to risk injury and pain to the point you won’t enjoy your cruise!

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