9 Tips for Making Your Cruise More Romantic

Romantic Cruise1. Sundowners for Two

Sundowners is an old African tradition, adopted from the British, where friends gather at day’s end, for cocktails and conversation. With a little upfront effort, you can make sundowners for two, one of your most beautiful cruise memories.

Find out from your room steward where secluded spots are located on deck and what time to expect sunset. Obtain a shaker of cocktails and two glasses beforehand.

Together, watch the yellow, red, purple and orange hues appear, as the sun slowly sinks into the ocean.

Seal your incredible romantic experience with a kiss.

2. Kiss upon a Star

Want more built-in kissing opportunities? Grab a blanket, bottle of wine, wine glasses and go out on deck for some star-gazing. Get there early enough to see the first (wishing) star come out. Close your eyes and make a wish while you kiss.

Stay longer. Make more wishes. Kiss upon more stars!

3. Photo Op

Get your bling on and get a professional portrait. You’ll take a gracious plenty of pictures, but a professional photo will keep memories of your romantic cruise alive.

Another idea for a memorable photo op is re-enacting the fabulous ‘I’m Flying’ scene from the movie, ‘Titanic’. A romantic WOW, if ever there was one!

Note: Check with a staff member to see if your cruise ship allows you to recreate the scene on the bow. If not, ask for suggestions.

4. Surprise, Surprise, Surprise


Something fun that will chalk up romantic mileage is to buy something for your beloved pre-cruise. Stuff it away in their luggage and watch the surprised look on his/her face. Think silk, paperback novel by one of their favorite authors, wraparound sunglasses…you get the idea.


5. Take a Slowdown

Too much fun can get exhausting. If you get tired of fighting crowds and the brilliant afternoon sun, stay in your cabin one afternoon when the ship is in port. Grab a couple of decadent desserts, get into comfy clothes and cuddle. Watch a movie and doze.

6. Get Pampered Together

Rock a couple’s massage. Close your eyes, luxuriate in the serenity as mesmerizing hands relieve tension from your body.

7. Romantic Shore Excursions

Research things to do on shore excursions before you reach a port. A few romantic ideas to consider:

Locate a secluded beach

Take a sunset horseback ride on the beach

Splurge on dinner in a 5-star restaurant that specializes in local cuisine. Ambiance is everything!

Book a private sightseeing tour

8. Swimming in the Mornin’ Sun

A morning swim is auspicious on several levels. You’ll get your choice of real estate, as the late-nighters will still be asleep. Whether you prefer a shady spot or the full morning sun, claim your desired space. The intensity of the sun’s UV rays is less before 10AM. Also, exercise will release your happy endorphins.

Relax until you are ready to take the plunge. After a refreshing dip, re-apply each other’s sunscreen, using long, slow strokes, making this simple experience a romantic memory.

9. Be Open to Spontaneity

Leave some gaps in the schedule for spontaneity. Some of the most memorable romantic moments just ‘happen’. Get up one morning and let the day unfold as it will. Laugh. Kiss. Love.

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