What to Do in Miami Before a Cruise


If you have a cruise planned in the Caribbean, it’s extremely likely you will be flying in to Miami due to its proximity to the islands. Miami is a culturally diverse city with a great deal of nightlife and entertainment. While you may only be in the city or a night or two, we’ll go […]

Getting the Most Out of Short Cruises

Do short cruises sound appealing to you? Would you believe a 2-night cruise to the Grand Bahama Island even exists? Does this sound like an ideal getaway for long weekends? Short cruises are attractive for a gracious plenty of reasons. First timers can ‘test the waters’ before committing to the typical 7-10-night cruise. You can leave stress and […]

Tips for Cruise Weddings

Getting married on a cruise ship ticks off most of your must-haves. Romantic venue: think backdrop of sea and sunsets. Check. Destination weddings. Check. Honeymoon: think Mexico or Caribbean. Check. Here are valuable tips for cruise weddings: Pre-Planning – Book Early Reservations You’ll experience less stress and spend less money with a cruise wedding. There are a few details to handle, but […]

Why Spring Break on the Water is a Must-Do

There is a reason it’s called Spring “Break”. After hurry here, don’t be late there, all-nighters and gruesome tests, your body and mind are running on fumes of exhaustion. When you are on a cruise ship, surrounded by the ocean, you will feel relaxed. Water – on the water, in the water, under the water – is […]

Tips for Looking Great in a Cruise Photo

A cruise ship is rich in opportunities for photo-ops. Plus, happiness looks great in photos; so, you’re sure to look great in your cruise photos from Royal Seas. But, suppose you’re one of those people who hate getting their picture taken? Perhaps, your ‘smile’ comes across like you just slugged a bitter lemon Slurpee. Guess what…there are […]

Top Ten Things to do on Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island is more than a vacation hot-spot. More than eye-popping beauty. It is an experience, where adventures await in all four directions. #1. Garden of the Groves Garden of the Groves is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. With its meditation labyrinth, soothing waterfalls and charming chapel, you’ll experience a large dose of tranquility. Haven for horticulturalists and […]

Why You Should Take Your Significant Other on a Valentine’s Day Cruise

Valentines Cruise

Experience gifts are the hottest thing going for Valentine’s Day since chocolate. And what is the most romantic experience ever, ever? You got it – a cruise – to be specific – a Valentine’s Day cruise with your significant other (S.O.). If you’re not familiar with experience gifts, consider them the once-upon-a-time of gifting. Example: Picture, you and S.O. […]

Tips for Cruising with a Baby

Cruising with a Baby

If you are in search of tips on cruising with a baby, then you are a new parent with a new addition to the family! Congratulations are in order! However, it is quite likely that after many sleepless nights and fun-filled days spent caring for your new child, you are ready for a vacation but are not quite […]

Things to Do in Palm Beach in 2018

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is a town known for it’s affluence and pleasant weather. Historically, it was seen as a winter retreat for the North Eastern elite. Today, it’s a lovely place to visit year round. The tourist destination has an assortment of beautiful natural sites, high end restaurants and historic buildings to visit.   Learn about […]

Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise

Birthday Cruise

Your birthday cruise awaits. Have you long wished to take a cruise vacation? If not now, when? A cruise is an over-the-top way to celebrate your birthday. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your romantic companion, friends or family, a cruise can be one of the most gratifying and memorable birthdays ever. Enjoy Yourself Take advantage of the fun atmosphere onboard your ship to get into the cruise spirit. […]