Benefits of Winter Cruising

Winter cruiseAs winter draws near, many are planning holiday festivities, family gatherings, and gift-giving extravaganzas; however, there are many that are seeking to escape the typical winter happenings. These are individuals that long for warmth and to enjoy the magnificent rays of the sun, while engaging in a multitude of activities that are commonly reserved for the summer months. For these, a winter cruise is the perfect option. While it is true that most regions within the United States are engulfed by cold winds, ice, and snow, there are areas in the world that are still experiencing warm weather and inviting tropical breezes. Examples of these areas include Orlando, Fort Lauderdale, Miami, Palm Beach, Grand Bahama Island, and Puerto Vallarta. Why not take a break away from the typical winter doldrum and take a wintercruise? Continue reading to learn of the many benefits associated with winter cruising.

Winter Cruises are Cheaper

The prime time to cruise is during the spring and summer months. However, a cruise may be taken at any time of the year – including the winter months. During the peak travel seasons, prices are always much higher for a cruise; however, in the winter, these prices drop dramatically. Cruise ships often have a multitude of empty cabins during the winter months. As a result, they will discount their rates in order to put travelers in those cabins. One of the main benefits associated with taking a winter cruise is that you have the ability to get tickets for much less than you would pay in the spring and summer months. Best of all, a cruise will take you to destinations that experience warm weather during the winter months. You can enjoy all of that fun in the sun – for LESS!

Winter Cruises Are Not Crowded

During the spring and summer months, a cruise ship typically has more vacationers. In the winter months, though, this is the complete opposite. Upon boarding a winter cruise, you will quickly discover that – while there will be passengers – there are far fewer people traveling on the liner. Not only does this make your cruise a bit more personable, but, you will find that you stand in much shorter lines, are able to experience better seating at the special events presented on the cruise, and that you can enjoy more private time at the pool, at the bar, and other areas of the cruise ship!

Winter Cruises Are Not Detrimentally Impacted by Weather

One of the best benefits of taking a winter cruise are the weather conditions and the fact that your trip will not be detrimentally impacted by severe weather conditions, especially hurricanes. Hurricane season starts early in the year and goes until the Month of November. Naturally, these storms have the capability of putting an immense damper on cruise travelers. If you take a cruise in the winter, you do not have to worry over these potentially problematic storms! This is a huge benefit given the amount of damage and dangers involved with these ferocious storms!


Would you like to set sail on an adventure that takes you away from all of that cold weather and all of those winter traditions and festivities that will leave you feeling overwhelmed and drained? If you answered “yes”, a winter cruise is for you! We here at Royal Seas Cruises specialize in turning winters into magical moments and amazing adventures! We offer numerous packages and destinations that will help you end your year or even start your year in style! For more information on our cruises, simply click the following link:

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