Essential Cruise-wear for the Carribbean

SummerIf you’ve given thought to living tiny, you can experience a trial run in small-sized cruise cabins. Like tiny houses, stateroom storage is limited. That’s why it’s important to pack essentials only for your Carribbean cruise.

So that you won’t go ‘overboard’ when packing, consider how many days and nights you will be away and plan accordingly.

Keeping in mind to pack light and pack right let’s explore ideas for Caribbean cruise wear for ladies and gentlemen:

Footwear: Comfort Trumps Style

Hurting feet makes everybody cranky. Select your cruising shoes wisely. Happy feet, happy you!


It’s a challenge to ‘pare’ down your must-have shoes. Be mindful, shoes take up valuable real estate in your luggage, plus they weigh heavy. Here are essentials:

One pair bling-bling shoes for evening wear, such as bejeweled sandals or metallic high-heels.

One pair comfy walking shoes for shore excursions and walking onboard ship.

One pair flip-flops for hanging out by the pool or walking on the sizzling-sandy beach.


One pair leather deck shoes, with rubber soles for walking onboard ship and shore excursions.

One pair thick-soled sandals for walking on beach.

One pair nice dress shoes for evening wear.

Evening Wear: Elegant is the word.

Ensure to follow your ship’s dress code for dinner ranging from smart casual, informal to formal.

Remember – evenings present an opportunity to put on your pizzazz.


Since 1926, when Coco Chanel launched “the little black dress” (LBD), it has been everywoman’s go-to frock. One black, spaghetti-strap, cocktail dress can create the illusion of several outfits. Wear it bare and pair it with gold jewels the first night. The second night, enhance LDB with a long sleeved, white, gauzy blouse and pearls. The third evening, wear a red, lacy evening jacket over LBD, with silver jewelry.


The classic button-down shirt, slacks or dark jeans and navy jacket is appropriate for men’s smart casual wear. For a formal dress code, a stylish dark suit, white dress shirt and black tie is perfecto.

Cool Daywear for the Caribbean Climate


In the Caribbean, fabric is king. Consider investing in apparel that protects you from those tropical UV rays. Otherwise, think lightweight, natural fabrics such as cotton or jersey. Examples: Khaki walking shorts with cotton tee-shirt or sundress. Capri pants are cool and comfortable for shore excursions. Short-shorts may not be welcomed in some of the Caribbean islands.


Pair light-colored golf shirts with khaki walking shorts. Jeans can get horribly hot. Dockers and cotton shirts with short sleeves are more comfortable.


Even pure minimalists will need to take at least two sets of swimwear – i.e. swimming trunks for men and swimsuits for women – a fresh one to wear, while the other suit is drying.

No worries about finding room for towels in your bags, your cruise ship will supply them.

Final Word:

More is not the new less, when you’re packing for your Caribbean cruise.

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