8 Tips for Your Family Cruise

Family Family cruises have become the perfect vacation getaway for multigenerational families. There’s literally something for everyone when aboard a cruise ship. From fine dining to video game competitions, you’ll never lack for anything to do. As long as you plan accordingly, your vacation getaway should be the highlight of your year. For a great time with less vacation stress, keep these eight tips in mind.

1. Selecting Your Cabin

It’s very important that you select the right accommodations for you and your family. Crunch your numbers and compare the amenities. You’ll need to determine what’s best for your family. Is it best to book adjoining cabins or the more spacious suite that allows for families with a larger number of children to travel more comfortably? The layout and amount of room do matter. The last thing you want is to be crunched together and miserable during your stay. Another tip when it comes to cabin space is to inquire as to which cabins have a full bathroom. Many cabins only have a shower installed so if you require a bathtub, make sure that you ask for a cabin that comes with one.

2. Prepping The Kids

Many children adapt to the idea of being on board a ship better if they know what to expect. Try giving your kids booklets about the cruise and allowing them to look over the website with you. Kids are usually great passengers when they’re prepared for the huge change of living aboard a ship for an extended period of time. Talk to them about the room and what they’ll get to do on board and off board the ship.

3. Packing For Your Children

Remember to pack for your children. If you’ve already been on vacation with your children then you’ll know the basic necessities that are needed for a comfortable stay. Be certain that you pack the appropriate clothing as well as sunscreen, sunglasses, bug spray, gloves, hats, etc. It’s not a bad idea to carrying child sized ear plugs in case you’re going to be flying to reach your cruise ship in a different city or state. Remember to have a carry bag packed with items for those days when you’ll be in a port. A big item to remember is motion sickness medication, just in case! Whether for flying or sea travel, you’ll want motion sickness medicine in case little tummies get troubled!

4. Safety

You should always sit down and discuss safety and rules with your children. There are certain rules put in place for the well-being of the travelers. As with everywhere, you will ever go, there are always drills put into place and specific instructions to follow should there ever be any emergency situation. Attending the muster drill is a must. Check your cabin for lifejackets and make sure that your steward supplies any special equipment that may be needed for infants and toddlers.

5. Keep With Your Schedules

Keeping as close to your normal schedules as possible will help. Once you’re onboard the ship, allowing the children to wake up when they normally wake up and napping when needed will help in keeping tempers and stress levels down. It’s a vacation, so your children will probably want to stay up late. Allowing them to stay up a little later than normal is fine, but if they’re up too late then you may end up dealing with an out of sorts child for the rest of the following day.

6. Ports

Don’t forget to sign up for shore excursions. This can include tours, horseback riding, expeditions, or simply take your family to shore for a day on the beach for some sun and fun. There are plenty of fun things to do in the port for the day. If you have tiny children, make sure to take it slow but definitely get to shore when you can to stretch your legs and take in the sights.

7. Choosing To Stay Aboard

If you really don’t want to go ashore with your family then you can take advantage of the other ship members being off of the ship for the day. Because the majority of the families and vacationers will likely go ashore for the day, you can take advantage of having the pool or rec rooms being fairly empty. This will give you and your family a chance to spend the day together without so many people around.

8. Cameras For The Kids

Nothing will please your children more than being given an inexpensive or disposable camera to document the trip. Not only will you discover what it is that your children liked best, it will give them a feeling of truly being a part of the adventure.


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