Reasons Why You Should Book Your Cruise to Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is so addicting, a taste is not enough. Their destination slogan – Puerto Vallarta, live it more than once – came about because travelers kept coming back. So, why not book your cruise to Puerto Vallarta now, rather than later?

How about a double-dip of romance? By its nature, a cruise is the most romantic vacation. In addition, the aura of a famous romance continues to ignite the flames in lover’s hearts who visit Puerto Vallarta.

Romance – a la Burton & Taylor

Sunshine and food aren’t the only steamy things about Puerto Vallarta. Probably, the steamiest, yet most scandalous romance ever, occurred between Richard Burton and Elizabeth Taylor in this magical place of emerald waters. The filming of “The Night of the Iguana”, starring Richard Burton, earned Puerto Vallarta its claim to fame with global tourism.

So, as you and your beloved hold hands and walk along the cobblestone streets, just imagine, you may be walking in the footsteps of this famous couple. And, if you feel that romance is in the very air you breathe, it is.

Take a sunset sail and watch the cerise sun sink into the ocean. Go to Las Caletas beach, an out-of-the-way cove and stroll barefoot in the sand. The ‘stroll of love’ on the Malecon, aka the “heart and soul” of Puerto Vallarta is a must-do. (Malecon, translated from Spanish, is an esplanade along a waterfront.) Marvel at the fascinating sculptures, admire the work of local artisans, dance to the music and make beautiful memories.

Live Like the Locals

You can just visit a place or you can experience it. For the prime Puerto Vallarta experience, do it like the locals. For instance, you spent a lovely, romantic evening promenading around Malecon. So, the next morning, go to Morelos and Juarez streets (block or so from Malecon) where the locals shop. Pop in a few shops and ‘try on’ the true ambiance of Puerto Vallarta.

Indulge in street food from taco stands (perfectly safe for consumption). Nab an outdoor table at one of the restaurants fronting a cobblestone street and people watch. As you are leaving, stop by a few tables and say, “Buen Provecho”, (enjoy your meal). See them smile.

Rhythms of the Night

It all begins with a sunset cruise to Las Caletas (remember the secluded cove). Follow the flickering torches, which serve as a guide into the little- known Las Caletas. Soon you’ll hear calming music and smell fragrant meat grilling. Enjoy a dinner, lit only by stars and candles. Afterwards, partake of the succulent dessert bar.

Drumming will alert you it’s ShowTime. Make your way to the amphitheater where you’ll witness a bedazzling journey in time, as dancers portray ancient stories.

It’s romantic, it’s entrancing and it’s an experience you’ll always remember.

Experience the Outdoors

If you’re an extreme sporting enthusiast, ziplining through the jungle of Puerto Vallarta will spike your adrenaline to new heights. Imagine doing 15 ziplines, some of them 500-feet high and at least one zipline is 4,000-feet long. Talk about go big or go home…

Still hankering for more adrenaline? How about putting on fins, snorkel and mask for an extreme swim with dolphins? Ride or swim with these sweet creatures underwater, go snorkeling on an underwater power scooter or get on the boogie board and let the dolphins give you a foot- push.

It’s the latest, greatest interaction with dolphins found anywhere.

Final Words

In 2010, American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) selected Puerto Vallarta as the ‘top destination to retire overseas’. It was named the ‘Friendliest City in the World’ by Conde Nest Magazine in 2001.

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