Getting the Most Out of Short Cruises

Short CruiseDo short cruises sound appealing to you? Would you believe a 2-night cruise to the Grand Bahama Island even exists? Does this sound like an ideal getaway for long weekends?

Short cruises are attractive for a gracious plenty of reasons. First timers can ‘test the waters’ before committing to the typical 7-10-night cruise. You can leave stress and electronics behind for total relaxation. Since cruises are all-inclusive, you’ll save money on hotels, entertainment and food.

Here are suggestions for getting the most out of short cruises:

Pack Light

Packing light means less luggage to tote. Make a list of necessaries, such as medicines, makeup, swimsuit and enough clothing for 2-3 days, including one dinner frock.


Short cruises are more budget-friendly than long cruises. If you’re frugal during shore excursions, you’ll get a lotta bang for your buck.


A cruise ship is its own self-contained world. Explore all the decks, partake in activities and find a quiet spot to read and watch the ocean. Take in the entertainment and late-night dancing.

Make a Tentative Plan

Since time is precious on short cruises, don’t waste it on, “What are we gonna do tomorrow?” First business is to unpack your luggage, hang clothes and put toiletries in bathroom, etc. Next, read the event schedule and make reservations for the attractions that perk your interest. Popular events sell out quickly. Check out the onboard entertainment and note times.

Stretch out of your comfort zone: participate in poolside Karaoke, experience a wine tasting, play bingo and try your luck in the Casino.

Locate your cabin steward for special requests (extra pillow, blanket, tissues, etc.). Avid cruisers sometimes tip their steward upfront, with the idea of becoming a top priority guest.

Be careful not to over-schedule. Pencil in time for lounging around the pool and a refreshing nap.

Indulge Yourself

Mealtimes and snack times are the ultimate on a cruise ship. Forget that four-letter “D” word. (If you feel you must diet, do it when you get back home.) After all, how often do you have an opportunity to dine in five-star restaurants? Dine with gusto and try new things.

Snacks are fun when a buffet contains such a feast for the eyes. From fresh fruits to pizzas, plus an array of luscious desserts, guarantees you won’t go home hungry. Hit the buffet again for a bedtime snack.

Dinner features family style seating, so that conversation is usually lively. You may even meet a lifetime friend. The loveliest part of dining on cruise ships is ordering whatever your little heart desires. Can’t decide between steak or lobster? Order both!

Desserts are mouth-watering. Don’t stress about whether to skip them. Just walk a couple of laps around the deck afterwards. Plus, take the stairs rather than the elevator, for the duration.

Take Care of You

Short cruises are all about pampering yourself. Doing your hectic life, chances are you don’t take much time to nurture yourself. Schedule a soothing massage; relax in the Jacuzzi; sweat out stress in the steam room…let the calming ocean rejuvenate your tired body and mind.

Grand Bahama Island

Grand Bahama Island is the nearest thing to paradise on earth. Saunter along sugar-white sand beaches, swim with dolphins, snorkel, ride horseback through the forest and along the beach. All this and duty-free shopping make it one of the most popular destinations for short cruises.

Family-Friendly Short Cruises

Short Cruises aren’t all about romance and trips to exotic places. A family-friendly cruise ship offers fun-filled activities for kids, which are administered by professional staff. If your kids are excited about trying new things and meeting new friends, make it a priority to enroll them in the program.

A side benefit is that mom and dad are freed up to experience quality alone time.

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