Why Spring Break on the Water is a Must-Do

Spring Break CruiseThere is a reason it’s called Spring “Break”. After hurry here, don’t be late there, all-nighters and gruesome tests, your body and mind are running on fumes of exhaustion.

When you are on a cruise ship, surrounded by the ocean, you will feel relaxed. Water – on the water, in the water, under the water – is calming. You’ll sense a lightness of being, because you left everyday stress behind.

Standing on the upper deck and staring at the horizon can induce a meditative state. Your mind takes a break.

Give your physical body what it needs. A swim in the ship’s pool is low-impact exercise, without seeming like exercise. Your body will release happy hormones (endorphins).

This combination of relaxation and exercise helps revitalize a tired body and mind.

Let’s Eat!

If, like many college students, you survive on ramen noodles and black coffee, your body is screaming for nutrients. Where but a cruise could you eat all you want, anytime you want it, from gourmet dining to ‘cruising’ the huge buffet?

Love lobster tails? Hungry for a burger and fries? Want spectacular Italian dishes? Mouth watering for a steak? Craving Mexican food? Odds are, if you want a certain kind cuisine, it will be available on your spring break cruise. Don’t like something? Send it back. Exchange it for something else.

Leaving Winter Blues Behind

Chances are, it’s still windy and chilly, in the US, when you depart for the tropics. With average temperatures, a pleasant 79F, in the Caribbean, it’s just right for sun worshippers who are working on an early tan. And you won’t get overheated on a walking exploration of the various ports of call.

Did you Say Duty-Free Shopping?

If you adore shopping, you’ll be ecstatic about duty-free shopping, which is basically a deep discount. You’ll save big on sumptuous items, such as watches, collectibles, designer fragrances, jewelry, cameras, crystal and more. Remember to browse quaint little stores off the beaten path for items handcrafted by locals.

Great for take-home souvenirs.

Entertain Me!

You won’t have to fight through throngs of people, or get lost on unfamiliar streets, to find quality entertainment on your spring break cruise. Even better, onboard entertainment is free.

Just a few steps from your cabin, you can go club-hopping, without paying cover charges. Dance until dawn, head to the restaurant for breakfast and then off to your delicious bed.

After-dinner entertainment features acts such as: dancers, singers, comedians and acrobats.

Meet Amazing People

The spring break cruise offers an auspicious opportunity to meet your peers from all over the country. It’s likely you won’t see these people again, but you’ll gather enough treasured memories for a lifetime. It’s entirely possible to connect with a romantic interest or meet your new bestie.

Get Pampered

Ensure that you schedule a pampering session in the ship’s spa. Enjoy a soul-soothing massage, sauna and steam room. (spa prices are not included with cruise ticket).

Opt for an early buffet dinner and relish a leisurely swim, while most other cruisers are dining. Then, have a relaxing soak in the jacuzzi.

Final Thoughts

You know those moments when you think this is it…I’ll never be happier than I am right now…I’ll never feel more than I do right now?

Above all things, this is what you’ll take away from your spring break cruise.

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