Why You Should Take Your Significant Other on a Valentine’s Day Cruise

Valentines CruiseExperience gifts are the hottest thing going for Valentine’s Day since chocolate. And what is the most romantic experience ever, ever? You got it – a cruise – to be specific – a Valentine’s Day cruise with your significant other (S.O.).

If you’re not familiar with experience gifts, consider them the once-upon-a-time of gifting. Example: Picture, you and S.O. lazing by the pool, frolicking in the ocean, dining by candlelight and dancing ‘til dawn…

You’ll reminisce about cruise experiences that happened once-upon-a-time, long after all that’s left of chocolates is the box.

Do you want to know why?


Valentine’s Day Cruise Ideal Setting for Proposal

You’ve done it! Took the leap of commitment. Ponied up for the ring. Now, you just need the perfect time and place to seal the deal. How about sunset on Valentine’s Day on a cruise ship?

Ready? Grab two glasses and a bottle of wine and go to the top deck of the ship. Marvel at the colors of sunset, as the sun appears to sink into the sea. Then, with sweating palms and racing heart, get on bended knee and ask the question.

Some see a proposal as a flamboyant occasion. We’ve seen rings in pudding (dangerous), rings affixed to a long stem rose and proposals blasted over the intercom (embarrassing, if she says “no”). The proposal is a precious moment, all about the two of you and is best conducted in an intimate setting.


Experience Couples Massage

Secure a reservation for a couple’s massage on your first day at sea to release tension, rejuvenate and relax. Great experience for new couples, who must do everything together. A couple’s massage is like making love in your mind. No touching involved. Resist talking. Just gaze into each other’s eyes. And let the therapists make their magic.


Experience Excitement in the Casino

What’s your pleasure? Black jack, poker or roulette? Spike your adrenaline in the ship’s casino. How about a couple’s challenge? Each start with $20, split up and when predetermined time is up, see who garnered the highest winnings. Loser buys lunch. Whoops! Probably not our best idea, since meals are free.


Experience Bar Hopping

cruise ship is the ideal place for bar hopping. Safe environment. No worries about designated drivers as “home” is several steps away. There’s live entertainment for dancing and exotic drinks for sipping.


Valentine’s Day Vow Renewal

Proposals aren’t the only BIG events that happen on cruises. Couples celebrating a milestone anniversary often decide to renew their vows. What could be sweeter than special Valentines vowing “we do again”, at sea?

Take Note: Remember to pack your marriage license, as proof you are married. Otherwise, no legal documents are required.

While you’ve got glam bling on, enlist the ship’s photographer to shoot some awesome pictures. After all, your Valentine’s Day vow renewal is a freeze-frame moment!


Romantic Trifecta

Valentine’s Day – for lovers. Cruise – romantic. Caribbean – romantic setting. These make up the trifecta of romance. Since Valentine’s Day is all about bedazzling your significant other, a Valentine’s Day cruise to the Caribbean is the epitome of romance. In particular, Grand Bahama Island is dubbed a romantic paradise.

Soak up Caribbean sun on a secluded beach. Steal a little kiss. After dark, catch the fire dancer’s performances. (Bahama Mamas a must-try.)


Final Thoughts

Celebrate your love on a Valentine’s Day cruise. Make it a day your significant other will never forget. Not only will you rock S.O.’s socks off, you’ll rattle your buddy’s cages, who will no doubt wish they had thought of a Valentine’s Day experience gift first.

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