Ten Top Reasons a Cruise fits a Girlfriend’s Getaway

It’s fun to throw a girlfriend getaway designed to build on friendships that have lasted for years. Why spend hours looking for the perfect venue when a cruise vacation is a ready-made answer? There’s no need to fix dinner (or breakfast, lunch, and snacks) because food is part of the experience! Housekeeping makes up your bed and replaces your towels while a variety of entertainment is at hand during the voyage. Here are ten reasons to relax, laugh, and add fantastic memories to keep everyone smiling until the next venture.


1.Travel with Friends Who Love You Just the Way You Are

If you want to skip the main course and go right for dessert, friends don’t judge. Did you bring so many outfits there’s no room to hang them all? Who cares! Friends understand one another and accept the odd quirks that make each person an individual. You never need to disembark until the cruise’s end, so change clothes as often as you want and enjoy the gathering.


2.Be Surrounded by Happy People

A variety of entertainment and activities is part of the fun on a cruise. Royal Seas Cruises, for example, offers events, destinations, and coastal shore excursions that appeal to all ages. Great photo ops encourage lots of pictures as the group explores Puerto Vallarta, Palm Beach, or other destinations.


3.Catch Up on News

Does a phone call, FB post, or quick dinner together before heading back to everyday life really satisfy the craving for friendship? A cruise offers the chance to hang out on deck, in the dining room and the casino. Sit and chat, swim in the pool, or enjoy the spa. Talk without interruption from work, family, or the outside world.


4.Try Something New

Order something you’ve always wanted to try from the menu. The best thing about this venue is that another option is available if the first choice isn’t your cup of tea. Enter the talent show or karaoke contest. Dress up in your finest and greet the Captain in style during the guest party. Your girlfriends provide support every step of the way.


5.It’s Camp, Only Better

Remember camp when you and your friends whispered back and forth after lights out? This is even better because you can stay up, giggle and talk as late as you want. Sigh over the offerings at the midnight buffet. Relax in one of the Jacuzzis or try your luck at the casino. People-watching is still as intriguing as it was as a teenager.


6.Enjoy Your Time

There’s always a group at events, even when your BFFs aren’t interested in participating. Dazzle the competition with trivia answers. Cheer for a friend who dares to dive into one of the pools. Dance, see one of the concerts, and share the events of the day at a nightly get-together on the high seas.


7.Sleeping Until Noon is an Acceptable Item on Your Bucket list

No pressure! Share this bucket list objective with your friends and they will make it happen. That’s what friends are for.


8.Remarkable Value

One low price delivers dining, accommodations, and entertainment on a voyage to a location of your choice. Amazing!


9.Treat Yourself

Buy and send all the postcards you want. Choose a souvenir that honors this special girlfriend’s trip. Get a mani-pedi at the spa. Guilt-free opportunities are exciting.


10.Rejuvenate with Customer Service

Excellent customer service frees up time for the group to have fun. Who doesn’t enjoy a friendly smile? They’re frequently given by the crew and staff at Royal Seas.

Solidifying the circle of girlfriends is a satisfying part of the journey. Return home refreshed and ready for the usual day-to-day routine until it’s time for another cruise.

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