Tips for Cruising with a Baby

Cruising with a BabyIf you are in search of tips on cruising with a baby, then you are a new parent with a new addition to the family! Congratulations are in order! However, it is quite likely that after many sleepless nights and fun-filled days spent caring for your new child, you are ready for a vacation but are not quite ready to leave your child behind. We have good news! If you are ready to take a break from life, want to escape into the wild blue yonder, and have a desire to bring your new baby along, a cruise is just what you need! A cruise is considered to be one of the most enjoyable and easiest vacations to take with baby in tow. As with any new adventure, though, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind that will allow cruising with a baby to be highly enjoyable for all. In this brief vacation guide, you will be introduced to these tips. Continue reading to learn how to create the best vacation ever.


Cruise Line Age Restrictions
When electing to go cruising with a baby, the first order of business should be determining if there is an age restriction in place. In most instances, a child must be at least six months of age on the day the cruise sets sail. If you are sailing in certain regions – such as the transpacific, the transatlantic, or going on a cruise to Hawaii, it is likely that your child will need to be at least twelve months old on the day that you set sail. Remember, to look into the age restrictions first so that you may prepare accordingly. At the minimum, your child must be at least six months old. If your child is not this age on the day of embarkment, you will not be permitted to board the cruise.


Baby Supplies
One of the biggest burdens of traveling with a baby is all of the lugging around of all of those baby supplies.  You should always call the cruise line ahead of time to confirm what supplies are available and what are not. You should always make certain to bring plenty of diapers, wipes, formula, bay food, and shampoos for your child.


How can I bathe my baby on a cruise?

To bathe your baby on a cruise, you have a few options. Take your baby in to the shower with you, do a sponge bath, or even better, bring your own inflatable tub with you.


What to Do With Your Baby on a Cruise 

Find a quiet spot on the deck and let you baby crawl around on a towel while you take in the ocean view too (Mom’s are great multi-taskers). Most excursions will not be possible for babies, so when the cruise docks head on over to the beach or to a local restuarant.


If you keep these basic tips in mind and ensure that you communicate ahead of time with the cruise ship, you are sure to find that cruising with your baby is an enjoyable activity that will provide the opportunity to create many exciting memories!

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