Tips for Cruising Solo

The idea of cruising solo may be stressful at first. This is an experience where you head out into the ocean waters without people you already know and have a bond with. While there are usually others also cruising single, it will take time to meet them. In order for you to remain safe and to have the best time possible, consider the following tips.




Your smile invites others to strike up a conversation with you. It also lets those who see you are cruising solo that you aren’t doing this alone because you are unlikable. Your smile can inspire other people to warm up and this infectious attitude can lead to plenty of people having a blast on the water.


Get to Know the Staff


There are so many people who complain and are downright nasty to the staff. While these individuals are used to that, when you’re cruising solo it pays to have the staff on your side. A little kindness and a small gift will make it more likely they will keep an eye on you. That way, you don’t have to have too many concerns while you are on the ship. You may even find you get special treatment.


Learn Something New


If you’re single and ready to mingle while you’re cruising solo, a class can be a great place to meet new potential love interests. These classes will often teach you a new skill that will benefit you in life, while also introducing you to new people. This is a chance to make a connection and to potentially build a lasting bond between the both of you.


Get Off the Boat


When you are cruising single, make it a point to explore the shore excursions that are available. This gives you a chance to truly experience the area you are cruising through. As you do this, you’ll begin to meet and socialize with new people. This can result in new friendships forming and even a potential spark being ignited between you and a love interest.


Remain Safe at All Times and Watch Your Surroundings


A cruise should be fun and memorable. Since you
don’t know the ship and most of the locations you are visiting, make it a point to stay in a group. Never go off with someone you just met to a silent, alone, and secluded area. While you’ll mostly meet great people on these ventures, you don’t want to put yourself at a risk of being vulnerable.

Check Online Deals for Possible Savings


If you’re cruising solo, you won’t have easy access to the discounts and perks couples have. If you are flexible on travel dates, compare options online. You can also find unique rates on rooms and at times find someone who is interested in a travel companion who will help to cut costs of the cabins with you.


Be Open to Meals with Others


When possible, meet a new friend or romantic interest for your meals. This gives you a chance to avoid the stigma that goes with eating alone. Instead, you have someone you can hold a conversation with and that can be a rewarding experience.


Cruising solo doesn’t have to be a crazy experience. Instead keep these simple tips in mind and give yourself the chance to fully embrace your vacation. As you do this, you will discover there are plenty of great people out there that are interested in meeting you!

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