Tips for Cruising with Teens

TeensCruising with teens is an exciting vacation option for families seeking to get away from their day-to-day lives, enjoy a change of scenery, and experience a change of pace. Today’s teenagers are often wrapped up in mobile technology, extracurricular activities, and friends. All too often, the fast-paced life experienced by those between the ages of 13 and 19 leaves little time for family gatherings, dinners, and quality time; however, when it comes to visiting the beach, exploring the ocean, and outdoor recreational activities – especially those involving the water – teenagers quickly jump on the opportunities presented to them. Cruising is a popular adult activity; however, in recent years, popular cruise lines have integrated many forms of entertainment and a vast array of activities that not only attract children and teenagers, but, excite them. If you are planning a family cruise that includes your teenager, continue reading for a few helpful tips that will ensure that everyone enjoys the experience.

Tip #1: Opt for Cruise Lines That Offers Many Exciting Attractions for Teenagers

The first step to cruising with teens is to ensure that you opt for those cruise lines that include a multitude of attractions that are designed to ignite excitement in a teenager. Examples of these attractions include swimming pools and fun-filled water activities and sporting events, onboard age-appropriate dance clubs, lounges that include gaming and social activities, as well as outdoor decks that offer a vast array of opportunities to enjoy a little fun in the sun. If you opt for these types of cruises, you will find that your teen experiences little to no boredom, meets a multitude of people their age, and gives you very little grief over vacationing with the family.

Tip #2: Bring Along a Friend

Teenager are – in most cases – highly social creatures that are able to adapt to change easily, yet, do not like an immense amount of change at once. When exposed to a drastic change of pace and scenery – without the comfort of a close friend – complications may occur and parents may face numerous challenges. This is especially true if you are on a cruise liner in the middle of the ocean. The best way to overcome this issue is to allow your teenager to bring a friend along for the trip. Not only will this increase your child’s comfort level, it will allow more time for you to do what you want and enjoy. While this may prove to be a bit costly, it is well worth the investment.

Tip #3: Establish Rules, Yet Be Flexible

When traveling with a teen on a cruise, you should establish rules, yet, be a bit flexible. This type of vacation will let you give your teen a bit of freedom; however, it is important to ensure that you stay in touch with your child, come up with meeting locations and times, ensure that your child is informed that they should not engage in any activities that may pose a harm to themselves or others, and that “family time” is a requirement.


Cruising with teens can be an enriching, enjoyable, and highly exciting endeavor. If you are in search of the perfect family vacation, cruising is the way to go! We here at Royal Seas Cruises are dedicated to ensuring that everyone in your family – regardless of age -has access to attractions, activities, and dining options that are highly appealing. To learn more about what we have to offer and the many packages that are available to families, you may visit our website today for details on our vacation packages:

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