Tips for Cruise Weddings

Cruise WeddingGetting married on a cruise ship ticks off most of your must-haves. Romantic venue: think backdrop of sea and sunsets. Check. Destination weddings. Check. Honeymoon: think Mexico or Caribbean. Check.

Here are valuable tips for cruise weddings:

Pre-Planning – Book Early Reservations

You’ll experience less stress and spend less money with a cruise wedding. There are a few details to handle, but nothing akin to typical land weddings. Most important is early planning. Cruise lines recommend booking your reservation a year in advance of your wedding date.

If friends and family are going with you, check on the possibility of group rates. Also, the cruise line will have adequate time to take care of exhaustive details – cake, catering, flowers, music, decorations, etc. – so that you won’t have to.

Legalities of Cruise Weddings

Big surprise! Some, but not all, cruise lines permit their captains to officiate at weddings. Laws of the country where the ship is registered apply. Ask your cruise line representative about legalities for cruise weddings. This will give you time to gather necessary legal documents.

One alternative is to host the ceremony while the ship is docked in its port-of-call. Again, check with your cruise line representative, but many cruise lines permit your wedding guests to get on board for the ceremony and get off prior to sailing. Then, you and your new spouse can embark on your cruise honeymoon.

Elaborate or Simple?

Cruise weddings can be elaborate or simple. You choose the amenities. Five-course dinners or buffet line? Seven-layer, fancy wedding cake or simple sheet cake? Ship’s photographer or friend with a cell phone camera? Let your budget ‘do the talking’.

If friends and family are tagging along on your cruise honeymoon, onboard entertainment is plentiful – dancing all night, after dinner shows, casinos, swimming, etc. When you and your beloved want alone time, just head for your stateroom.

Cruise Weddings High Quality

The cruise itself is a sumptuous experience – a fantastic food voyage, a wide variety of free entertainment, efficient and courteous service. Opting for a cruise wedding means you and your guests may expect a high quality, unforgettable experience.

Affordability Factor

You will save money by choosing a cruise wedding that could cost big bucks somewhere else. Destination weddings are still popular but saying your nuptials on a cruise ship is cheaper than saying, “we do” in exotic locations.

You can still honeymoon on tropical islands on a cruise itself, without being responsible for the 10,000 details associated with planning a wedding in a faraway location.

With free food, entertainment and lodging built-in the ticket price, you’ll save beaucoup bucks. Generally, the cruise ship invoices weddings for a flat surcharge, plus extras, such as open bar service, special floral arrangements, customized wedding cake, etc.

Are Cruise Weddings Right for Everyone?

If your idea of the perfect wedding is to buy your dream dress and show up, a cruise wedding is right for you. If you’re not picky about details, such as the cake or music, a cruise wedding will work for you. If you’re a minimalist, you’ll likely prefer a simplistic cruise wedding over an opulent ceremony, filled with pomp and circumstance.

However, if you’re detail oriented, a micro-manager or have a need to control, you may not be in your element. Cruiseweddings allow for minimal choices of flowers, food, music and so on. For example, a specialized wedding cake will be more expensive at sea, since the cruise ship usually offers standard designs.

Final Thoughts

Cruise weddings wonderful-good as they are, come with a caveat. Just one cruise can spark a lifetime addiction to anniversary cruises, vow renewal cruises, birthday cruises, Valentine cruises…

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