Tips for Looking Great in a Cruise Photo

Cruise PhotosA cruise ship is rich in opportunities for photo-ops. Plus, happiness looks great in photos; so, you’re sure to look great in your cruise photos from Royal Seas. But, suppose you’re one of those people who hate getting their picture taken? Perhaps, your ‘smile’ comes across like you just slugged a bitter lemon Slurpee.

Guess what…there are things you can do to overcome camera-phobia. Here are our tips for looking great in cruise photos.


A-listers know that the camera really does add 10 pounds. Chalk up 10 additional pounds for slouching and slumping. Shoulders back and stomach sucked in will subtract 10 or more pounds from photographs.

Sitting: Seated photos are better when your photographer positions the lens higher than you. Sit up straight and scoot almost to the edge of your chair. Extend your neck and tilt your chin up a smidgeon to connect with the camera. This pose lengthens your torso, elongates your neck and defines your jawline.

Standing: Avoid looking directly at the camera, as it causes your face to appear bigger in the photo. Don’t stand with shoulders straight and legs together. Instead, slightly cross your legs, putting one foot in front of the other. Point toes on front foot toward the camera and let your back leg bear most of your weight. This subtle shift in posture exudes an illusion of slimmer hips and thighs.

Flaunt your Good Side

That we all have a “good side” is a long-standing belief. Now, scientific studies have proven this true. But – surprise, surprise, surprise – who could have imagined that we all have the same good side. Turns out, the left side of everyone’s face is the most pleasant.

So, when you have those cruise photos made, put the emphasis on the left side of your beautiful face.


Obviously, you can’t take your closet along on Royal Seas Cruises. This means pre-planning is essential. If you plan to get a professional photograph made on the ship, it’s a good idea to make an appointment when you purchase the tickets.

On Royal Seas, there are two photography studios: Strike a Pose and Memories Photo Gallery. Since studio portraits are timeless keepsakes, you’ll want to dress “up”. That is, avoid typical cruise wear like shorts, sundresses, etc. and opt for your Sunday best. Tips:

  • Wear the same color from head to foot. Think jewel tones – burgundy, dark green, navy – which won’t distract from your face.
  • Long sleeves, long pants work best.
  • Wear minimal jewels, if you have a signature piece wear it to boost your self-confidence.
  • Guys – your power suit is fine. Gray or navy. If you don’t typically wear suits, a nice pair of slacks and button-down shirt works.
  • Gals – don’t forget, that little black dress gets you through anything in style.


Besides professional portraits, capture spontaneous cruise photos at various locations on the ship. You can show off your fun play clothes in these.

Just wander around the ship and scope out quiet and picturesque places. The library on your ship is packed with ideal backgrounds for picture taking. Staircases are hidden gems. Snap several shots at dinner, while you’ve got your bling on. Try a few action shots – in line at the buffet, tray loaded with goodies, in the casino, etc. Find a secluded spot on the ship. Stand so that the ocean is at your back.

Bits & Pieces

Never settle for only one shot per location. You need plenty to choose from.

Experts say, for the best head shots, only show one ear.

For the most attractive smile, position your tongue behind your teeth.

Final Thoughts

Are you feeling greatness bubble up inside you, after reading our tips? Great! Now, rock those cruise photos!

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