Top 10 Reasons to Love Cruising

The human captivation with the beauty and vastness of the ocean has existed since the origination of our species into the planet; however, this level of intrigue extends well past basic evolution. In recent years, the emergence of new technology has allowed us to delve deep into the immense depths of the sea, as well as the brain. As a result, we now know that our relationship with water has increased our perception of the world in which we reside, the emotions that we experience, our appreciation of creativity, and has optimized both our physiological and psychological health. This explains why so many people are fascinated with cruising. The vastness in size and the recreational activities that abound on today’s cruise ships alone are enough to completely mesmerize the adventurist at heart. However, there are many other reasons why individuals absolutely love cruising. In this brief guide, you will learn the top 10 reasons why travelers adore cruising – especially those excursions offered by us here at Royal Seas Cruises.

Reason #1: Family-Friendly Fun

While there are several cruises available that are geared more towards adult entertainment, Royal Seas Cruises offers many family-friendly fun and exciting destinations and activities. One of the many destinations included is Orlando – which is considered to be the ultimate playground for people of all ages. With well over one hundred attractions and theme parks, families traveling with teens and tots have the ability to explore museums, various forms of theater, and a multitude of theme park rides. Additionally, magnificently designed gardens, petting zoos, planetariums, and wildlife may be explored.

Reason #2: Coastal Shore Excursions

The next reason that adventurists absolutely love cruising is the many opportunities for coastal shore excursions. By taking one of the many cruises offered at Royal Seas Cruises, you have the opportunity to see and experience a multitude of memorable sites. Examples include – but, are not at all limited to – Miami, Palm Beach, Puerto Vallarta, and the Grand Bahama Island.

Reason #3: Specialty Dining

Dining on-board a Royal Seas Cruise is a unique experience as the ships include 5 highly-elegant restaurants that offer complete five-star options for dining. Not only do these exquisite facilities offer the most varied and highest-quality foods, but there are dining features for families, large groups, and even those that elect to dine intimately due to special celebrations and occasions.

Reason #4: Games of Chance

Outside of major cities – such as Atlantic City and Las Vegas – it is rather difficult on land to try your hand at a true game of chance. Royal Seas Cruises offers a Vegas-styled casino that is open until 3am each morning. Here, you have the chance to find some true treasure at sea at the slot machines, have the ability to double down on a good hand of cards, and try your lucky numbers on the exotic roulette wheels! Don’t know how to play? No problem! There are also many instructional classes available for newbies!

Reason #5: A Place for the Kiddos

Traveling with kids? If so, you will absolutely love cruising because the ships offer a Kid’s Club that allows children to stay and enjoy themselves while their parents enjoy a little time alone! The programs and activities are offered by professionally-trained staff and include children of the same age groups! The kids won’t want to leave after taking part!

Reason #6: Exotic Club Scene

Do you enjoy the club scene? If so, cruising is for you! You will discover a variety of entertainment within the clubs that are situated on-board the ship! Live music, dinner shows, and dancing all awaits you on the high seas!

Reason #7: No Need for a Designated Driver

Do you enjoy sampling wine, sipping a cup of brew, or taking a few shots? Now, you can do so without having to worry about a designated driver because your cabin is just a short walk from the venues that offer adult beverages! Additionally, a cruise ship has such a variety of drinks that you will never run out of tasting opportunities!

Reason #8: Multi-Night Sea and Land Trips

When cruising, you will discover many different ways to explore both the sea and the land. Today’s luxurious liners offer a large assortment of travel packages and exquisite experiences that will leave you with lifelong memories!

Reason #9: Unbeatable Vacation Values

cruise fare typically includes the accommodations, entertainment, dining, and a multitude of activities – all for one low price! Where else can you get a room, explore the open sea, visit exotic destinations, experience five-star dining, and be treated like royalty for one low price? Royal Seas Cruises!

Reason #10: Magnificent Customer Service

The customer service offered on today’s liners is beyond magnificent. This is – in part – one of the reasons why so many people thoroughly enjoy cruising. You can enjoy 24-hour room services, accommodations, and “inside” information on all that the cruise has to offer!

Royal Seas Cruises is more than just a destination, a trip, or a sea cruise – it is a way of life. It is an experience that will leave you with fond memories for years to come!

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