Top Reasons Why You Should Cruise During the Thanksgiving Holidays

thanksgiving cruise

Embarking on a cruise during the holidays is an experience like none other. While most of us anticipate the food, festivities, and fun that this holiday brings on land, we also typically dread the cleaning and cooking that comes with it. Why not step out of normal bounds and enjoy Thanksgiving in the tropics? Despite being a family-oriented occasion, a cruise during the Thanksgiving holidays could result in meeting a vast array of new people, allow you to enjoy new adventures, and bring you and your loved ones closer. In this brief post, you will learn the top reasons why you should step onboard a luxury cruise this Thanksgiving.
Luxurious Dining

Many traditions abound when it comes to the Thanksgiving holidays. Most of these revolve around food preparation, cooking, and the clean-up that immediately follows. It is not at all unusual for families to struggle to ensure that all traditional foods are prepared with the utmost perfection, for individuals to attempt to capture the essence of a family-favorite recipe, and for unfavorable situations to occur – such as preparing a turkey that is too dry, potatoes that are too creamy, or experiencing a complete and utter fail on a favorite dessert. Why struggle with all of those comprehensive details? By electing to take a Thanksgiving cruise, you no longer have to worry over prepping food, following recipes, or the clean-up that follows. On a cruise, you and your guests will get to enjoy a luxurious dinner – with all of the trimmings, followed by a clean-up by the staff! By taking a cruise, you can enjoy the food and your family – without the hassle!

Beautiful Weather

Now, if you are like most, the weather that abounds around Thanksgiving is highly anticipated. The cool crisp breeze, the leaves changing color, and the beautiful soft colors bursting in air and on land; however, many prefer the bright sunshine, the warm air, and a little extension of the summer weather. If you are one of these people, you are sure to enjoy the beautiful weather that exists over the sea. Not only will you get to enjoy warmer temperatures, but, you will have the ability to enjoy outdoor activities such as swimming, water sports, and even talking a walk along a beach when the cruise docks!


Unlike traditional Thanksgivings at home where activities are limited to conversations, a game on television, or playing catch in the backyard, a Thanksgiving cruise has a multitude of entertainment options – for all ages! You will get to choose from high-energy stage shows, sporting event viewings, music, comedy, adult venues, venues for teenagers, and family-oriented entertainment. Regardless of your age or your interests, you are sure to discover a vast array of excitement on a Thanksgiving cruise.

Exotic Destinations

One of the absolute best reasons to cruise during Thanksgiving is the fact that you will get to visit a variety of exotic destinations. Not only will you get to visit ports in places such as Fort Lauderdale and the Great Bahama Island, but, you will also get to take part in exciting activities in those locations. Examples include strolling along a tropical beach, drinking at a swim-up bar, jeep adventuring, swimming with dolphins, and playing a round of golf!


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