Top Ten Things to do on Grand Bahama Island

Bahama islandGrand Bahama Island is more than a vacation hot-spot. More than eye-popping beauty. It is an experience, where adventures await in all four directions.

#1. Garden of the Groves

Garden of the Groves is a Certified Wildlife Habitat. With its meditation labyrinth, soothing waterfalls and charming chapel, you’ll experience a large dose of tranquility. Haven for horticulturalists and bird-watchers.

#2. ATV Tour

If you’re seeking an A-plus overview of Grand Bahama Island, take the guided ATV tour. Hit the jungle trail and maneuver through plush vegetation. Enjoy an adrenaline-charged ride along the Grand Lucayan Waterway to a lookout point.

Your exhilarating ride ends – guess where – at the Garden of the Groves.

#3. Dolphins – Up Close & Personal

The Grand Bahama dolphin experience is unrivaled. Select from assorted levels of tours: swim with wild dolphins in their own sanctuary or interact with trained dolphins. Be a dolphin trainer for the day.

Touch trained dolphins, rub their tummy, take photos, pucker up for a dolphin kiss.

#4. Count Basie Square

After sundown, the place to be is Count Basie Square. Situated in the center of Port Lucaya marketplace, live music performed by local Bahamians, in native costumes and feather headdresses, is a feast for eyes and ears. Adding to the authenticity, many musicians craft their instruments.

No doubt, you’ll want to explore the shops. Watch for sweet deals and discounts and use your haggling skills to score a bargain. It’s all duty-free!

#5. Stuart Cove – Scenic Underwater Bubble (SUB)

Chances are you’ll gaze in wide-eyed-wonderment at first sight of Stuart Cove’s SUB, an underwater scooter that sports a breathing bubble.

Have no fear. Safety instructors will guide you and your vehicle is secured to a buoy that maintains a steady 15-foot depth level.

As you glide amid tropical fish and coral gardens, guides will call attention to various species of marine life. Before you leave, purchase the video of your SUB adventure to add to your stash of memories.

#6 – Horseback Riding

For the time of your life, embark on an authentic trail ride around Grand Bahama Island. Starting from the uppermost area of the island, horses wind their way through the endangered pine forest.

The horses circle round the iconic Coopers Castle. You’ll meander through the hardwood forest and emerge among sand dunes on the beach. Before you can say “GiddyUp”, your horse is prancing in turquoise waters.

#7 – Heritage Trail

In times past, Heritage Trail, a dirt path, was the main street on Grand Bahama Island, which connected east and west districts. Now, it is a 5-mile nature-walking trail, where you’ll see birds, plants and butterflies. Watch for vestiges of “The Hermitage”, the oldest building on the island.

#8 – Blue Holes

Blue holes, or sink holes are natural wonders. Owl’s Hole is at the base of a 24-foot cliff. While the courageous will dive from the cliff, a ladder is available for the faint of heart. Blue holes are off the beaten path. Ask a local for directions.

#9 – Beaches

You can’t complete the Grand Bahama Island experience without putting in some beach time. It is said that Gold Rock Beach speaks to the “true nature” of the island. If you’re into adventures on water, try Taino, Xanadu or Lucaya beaches.

#10 – Smith’s Point Fish Fry

Eat authentic Bahamian food where the locals go. On Wednesdays at 6pm, take your starving self to Smith’s Point fish fry. Relish fried fish, complete with head and tail, lobster tail, cracked conch and succulent barbeque chicken.

Final Thoughts

On Grand Bahama Island, you will experience nature-made beauty and calm in a world that can get chaotic and unpleasant at times.

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