Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday on a Cruise

Birthday Cruise Your birthday cruise awaits. Have you long wished to take a cruise vacation? If not now, when? A cruise is an over-the-top way to celebrate your birthday. Whether you’re traveling solo, with your romantic companion, friends or family, a cruise can be one of the most gratifying and memorable birthdays ever.

Enjoy Yourself

Take advantage of the fun atmosphere onboard your ship to get into the cruise spirit. Test your birthday luck in the casino. Have a leisurely swim and soak your weary bones in the jacuzzi. Take a midday nap in your elegant cabin, just because you can.

Leave the crazy-busy world where it is and enjoy where you are…immersed in blueness as far as you can see.

Pamper Yourself

Treat your birthday self to a massage and after-sauna. If you’re traveling with hubby or romantic companion, splurge for a couple’s massage. You can’t get better together time than this!

Coddle yourself with a mani peddi and fantabulous ‘do at the onboard beauty salon.

Stroll through the ship’s duty-free shops. Pamper yourself with a memory gift. Something exquisite. Something that ignites warm remembrances of your marvelous birthday cruise.

Exercise Yourself

Eat those rich culinary delights guilt free. You can keep your body ‘ship’ shape. Just take advantage of state of the art equipment in the onboard gym. Morning exercise ignites your happiness hormones, burns those naughty calories and sparks your healthy immune system. (Sickness not welcomed on your birthday cruise.)

Bedinner Yourself

Dinner on a cruise ship stimulates your senses. Bottomless dishes of the unusual kind. No limit on number of entrees. If you’re not lovin’ something, your waiter will remove it and bring a different dish. Give yourself permission to sample a decadent dessert each night. You don’t have to eat the whole thing.

Be mindful, “all inclusive” does not include alcoholic beverages.

When the big day arrives, have dinner in the ship’s specialty restaurant. You will experience culinary creativity beyond that of the regular restaurants. Think like a gourmet, i.e. prime cuts of beef and live lobsters. As if you were the sole patron, your food will be cooked a little minute after ordering.

Just be aware, reservations are standard and alternative dining is not included with the ticket price. But you’re worth it, aren’t you?

Entertain Yourself

Cruise ships are known for lavish entertainment. Start with an after-dinner show followed by dancing ‘til dawn. From brilliant dancers and singers to comedy shows and rockin’ bands, you’ll be amazed.

No worries about driving home. Your delicious bed is only a few giant steps from the club. So, sample a couple of exotic drinks and enjoy the heck out of your birthday celebration.

Unleash Your Adventurous Self

Your cruise ship is a world of and in itself. It may be tempting to tuck in with a good book and afternoon nap while in port. What a shame! Think of all the stories you’ll tell your friends – like how you didn’t swim with the dolphins or go on a jeep safari! So, lace up your traveling shoes, grab your hat and get moving.

Such adventures you’ll experience on Grand Bahama Island. Surrounded by emerald seas and sugar-white sands, Grand Bahama Island is blessed with a rich cultural heritage and expanses of unspoiled nature.

Need an adrenalin spike? Try parasailing, jet skiing, snorkeling or scuba diving. Tour the endangered forest on horseback. For something a bit tamer, meander through the Garden of the Groves and enjoy 12-acres of indigenous flora and fauna.

Don’t forget to save time to shop for sweet deals, duty free of course.

Final Thoughts

Your cruise is all about you. It’s all good, except saying good-bye.

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